All About Gaylords

Looking for a way to store or move a lot of loose material? Gaylord boxes might be just what you need.

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What is a Gaylord?

A gaylord is a type of large, sturdy cardboard box. As wide and long as a pallet, they are perfect for heavy-duty moving and storage. With several shapes, flap types, and size variations available, they are used to store a number of materials, such as fruits, plastic, loose paper, or clothing. They're sizeable and strong but still fold flat for easy storage and assembly.

Why the name "gaylord"? Back in the 1950s, a St. Louis, Missouri company named Gaylord Container was acquired by pulp and paper conglomerate Crown Zellerbach. Crown renamed their cardboard division "Gaylord Container" in its honor, and the name spread from there.  

Gaylords are so heavy duty that they are the perfect candidate to be reused via recycling after their initial use.

Our Available Inventory

The gaylords that we have in stock are gently used. These boxes are durable enough to retain their full strength while bringing you excellent added value when compared to buying new. 

Our gaylords measure 40" W x 42" L x 48" H each. These are full-flap, tri-wall rectangular boxes, composed of 3 corrugated layers for added sturdiness. Generally they are sold in stacks of 25, folded flat and banded to a pallet, but we can work with any of your individual needs. They can be purchased individually or in bulk, delivered or picked up - we even offer full-truckload discounts in quantities of 400 or 450.

Interested? Call us today at (215) 338-5050 or fill out our contact form to get started with your gaylord order.